Laughter Giggles, Wiggles ‘Round

laughterLaughter giggles, wiggles ‘round

Creeping to and fro

Exploding out in bundles of fun

Wherever we may go

Jellybean jumps in leaps and bounds

Lively as it goes

Dancing, soaring, ready to roam

Spreading as it grows

Tickles, prickles down the back

Chasing down the spine

Music set free in symphony

Leaves your breath behind

Sing song tunes of joyful  laughs

Reach for the highest peaks

Funny notes reverberate

Echoing for weeks

Tears roll freely, glowing faces

Bursting forward with delight

Sides stitched lightly, bellies aching

Breathless wonder full of life

Breath returning, aches abating

Lasting memory holding tight

Peace surrounding, all embracing

A gift to give, a glowing light

Laughter giggles, wiggles ‘round

Spinning as we go

Lifting, loving, reaching out

Sharing what we know


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