Abide by the Heart

ABIDE BY THE HEART   Living, abiding by the rules of engagement Desperately clinging to the dimming light In a time where conflict enrages the spirit And emboldens the winged serpent’s plight.   Quietly, slithering into the castle, He captures the minds and souls alike Blinding them to promises of opulent tomorrows While quietly thieving off [...]


Protest: an instrument of change

New to the world of blogging, I have only just begun putting my thoughts into form for the public forum to witness. Yet today of all days, I find myself reading the daily prompt and something tells me to write if for no other reason than for me. This makes my fifth post. A daily prompt [...]

The Emotional Character Flaw

I was once told by my leadership in the workplace that, in her opinion, my emotions were a “serious character flaw” in a moment of overwhelming release behind the closed doors of her office. I have always known that I wear my emotions on my sleeve and a brain-mouth filter set at high to avoid [...]