About the Author

A little about myself and my adventures in life!


I consider myself an explorer and adventurer in life and look forward to the journey and the lessons that each day brings. Writing allows an avenue for me to continue the adventures my imagination can conjure up and to highlight life with it’s rolling hills, winding roads and jagged coastlines. It allows the soul to speak up and offer insight into ourselves and others through our experiences, both in our endeavors and in our imagination. Learning and maturing through the experiences of living life is much more fun than counting our mistakes and dwelling in our past.

I have worked professionally as a dancer and trainer at Walt Disney World for nearly fifteen years, eventually leaving for the corporate financial market, but have found my passion in the world of science. I have enjoyed my journey, returning to school to finally pursue my passion of science and history through a degree in Anthropology. I love all things scientifically founded and historically immortalized and look forward to the next chapter in life, sincerely hoping I will have the time to put pen to paper and pass along my wondrous adventures, both real and imagined, as well as my personal insights into this incredible thing we call life!


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