Mountain Reflections

Mountain Reflections It was here, on Hurricane Ridge in Washington, that I realized how much I desperately needed the mountains. They hold a serene and peaceful calm that engulfs me, strengthening and nourishing my soul. Just as I take in the stress and chaos of my everyday life, I also learned to let it go [...]


Finding Myself Without a Google Search

"Being comfortable with who I am becoming, breaking from the mold of conformity has freed me from my own chains, from my own limits. I conquered my fears, most of them anyway, and traveled a path that years earlier had nearly brought me to my knees… literally. I walked that trail alone as the sun rose in the east, up rough trails, along cliff edges and steep inclines, across ledges that I would have never crossed before because of the limits my fear of heights held me to. Most important is that I felt more connected to myself than ever before because in my journey of self-discovery I had broken down the walls that limited my vision, clouding my view of the world beyond, and have found the balance that allows me to see more clearly."

Being Present

In the aftermath of the holiday’s that often bring together friends and family, we vow in the form of resolutions on a variety of things from getting to the gym to setting up retirement plans. Somewhere in the middle we resolve to spend more time with family or take better care of ourselves. Bringing together [...]

Protest: an instrument of change

New to the world of blogging, I have only just begun putting my thoughts into form for the public forum to witness. Yet today of all days, I find myself reading the daily prompt and something tells me to write if for no other reason than for me. This makes my fifth post. A daily prompt [...]

The Emotional Character Flaw

I was once told by my leadership in the workplace that, in her opinion, my emotions were a “serious character flaw” in a moment of overwhelming release behind the closed doors of her office. I have always known that I wear my emotions on my sleeve and a brain-mouth filter set at high to avoid [...]

Who is America?

  In the final days of the 2016 election a dark shadow looms over the American people. Somewhere along the way we lost sight of who we are, that part of us that was kind and decent and respectful. It has opened the door to today’s reality and exposed it in deep, ominous tones. The [...]