Abide by the Heart

ABIDE BY THE HEART   Living, abiding by the rules of engagement Desperately clinging to the dimming light In a time where conflict enrages the spirit And emboldens the winged serpent’s plight.   Quietly, slithering into the castle, He captures the minds and souls alike Blinding them to promises of opulent tomorrows While quietly thieving off [...]


Laughter Giggles, Wiggles ‘Round

Laughter giggles, wiggles ‘round Creeping to and fro Exploding out in bundles of fun Wherever we may go Jellybean jumps in leaps and bounds Lively as it goes Dancing, soaring, ready to roam Spreading as it grows Tickles, prickles down the back Chasing down the spine Music set free in symphony Leaves your breath behind [...]